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Scott County Humane Society
Welcome to the Scott County Humane Society's web site! We are a small, but growing, group of animal lovers working together to make a difference in Scott County, VA. We feel our primary way of doing this is through public outreach and education. We have worked with our area veterinarians, as well as a spay/neuter clinic to help bring services to those who may not be able to receive them otherwise. At a small level, we do adoptions to find homes for animals from our county. Working together, we want to reduce animal suffering and control the pet overpopulation problem faced locally. Remember, only you can help in your community!

The Scott County Humane Society Needs Your Help!

The past two months have been quite eventful for some animals in Scott County, and now the Humane Society needs your help!  As you may be aware, the Scott County Animal Shelter was destroyed by a fire in the early morning of December 3rd, 2014.  Thankfully, all of the dogs at the facility survived, and through the work of some terrific Humane Society volunteers, all of the dogs were adopted, went to another rescue group, or are in foster care until they are ready for adoption.  Please see our Special Edition Newsletter to read more about this and see the furry faces which were touched by this horrific event, but now have a new lease on life!  Scott County is currently leasing a temporary kennel location in Yuma while plans for rebuilding a permanent facility are underway.

It seems troubles rarely come as a single event, and January has been quite busy for Scott County animals.  Just after signing the lease on the temporary facility, eight dogs had to be rescued from living in poor conditions.  Only a few weeks later, fifteen puppies were surrendered to Scott County Animal Control.  Thankfully, with this story receiving media coverage and through social media, these puppies will all be going to their new homes very soon!  Unfortunately, for every success story, there are a number of dogs which do not find their forever home in time and must be euthanized.

Now, the Scott County Humane Society is in desperate need of your help! We are a small organization, with only a handful of members.  We have no paid staff, no facilities to work from, and all efforts come from the compassion of our members.  As most involved in animal rescue would agree, there is never enough time, volunteers, or money to meet our growing needs.  But, everyone working together in small ways can make a difference.

Specific needs:

  • Financial Donations - No amount is too small!  We spend thousands of dollars a year in assisting the public with spays and neuters.  The new shelter facility will be quite expensive and has many needs.  Online donations are safe and secure through PayPal, or you may mail a check, or donate at New People's Bank.
  • Foster Homes - Would you be interested in housing a dog in need while it awaits adoption?
  • Spay/Neuter program - Loading and unloading the Margaret B. Mitchell spay/neuter clinic van.
  • Public Awareness - Visit the temporary shelter facility, take pictures of the dogs and tell your friends about them!
  • Our annual "Flea Market Sale" will be coming in May, and many hours of work go into accepting, pricing, and selling the items.
  • We will be at the Clinch Mountain Music Festival in Gate City in June, and need volunteers to talk with the public and help us fund raise.
  • Do you have an idea or skill that isn't on this list?  Let us know!

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